My Testimony

My faith in Christ defines who I am and influences all that I do.I’ve lived 13 lives and counting!My twin sis Sandy and I were born in Mpls but life actually began for me at age 13 when we moved to the country near Frederic WI. Here I wrote my 1st book, Wild Hero, a cliff hanger similar in plot to Heidi. After high school I attended Bible school as a new believer and learned how to teach others from the Bible.

After my 1st marriage failed,I left the church.With 3 preteens,a job, and college studies to boot,I sowed my wild oats for 8 years.Then the Holy Spirit touched me and I returned to a new life in Christ.In 1985 I married Don and started a quilting business.We often traveled and fished in BC Canada and Alaska.After 13 years of marriage, a tree fell on Don and killed him.But God is faithful!Through my grief He gave me enduring comfort and a stronger faith.I entered a new level of work for His Kingdom and began writing a weekly column, Eternal Perspectives,for 2 area newspapers. You’ll read them on my BLOG as well as some of my other writings. In 2004 I moved to Washburn near Lake Superior.My niece Ann joined me in 2007. God is faithful as I continue writing for His glory.