Williwaw Winds



Sally's first book published by Cedar Haven Books, is a tale of disaster that rivals the popular TV series, “The Deadliest Catch.” Jake, 16, shares Main Character status with the Bering Sea itself. It thrusts its angry, williwaw (violent) winds into Jake's life and that of four other crab fishermen during their six-week trip out. Jake is seasick, frustrated, tired, and angry--but his feelings are nothing compared to the life and death struggle he faces when their boat capsizes in sixteen-foot seas. Facing the williwaws changes Jake's perception about family members, God, and himself.

WILLIWAW WINDS is for anyone of age 8 and up who enjoys excitement, entertainment, and inspiration. "I find that adults like to read it as much as kids," Sally says. Her story, based on her son’s true experience, is compelling and dramatic.

What Others Say:

"I couldn't stop reading once I'd started ... the details of how they caught the crabs ... all the details add such depth and put the reader right there in the boat." (Cleo, student of Writer's Online Workshop) "An inspiring tale. Keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch a boy come of age." (Boyd Sutton, Former Editor, The Wisconsin Writers' Journal)

"Author Sally Bair brings a sense of rare high adventure and struggle against the cold, cruel sea to her novel, Williwaw Winds ... she is a storyteller by inclination, and brings a keen observational eye to both the nuts and bolts of crab fishing and the character of the men who ... must rely on a thin rubber raft at the mercy of a savage sea. ...The tale is a sea story worthy of Jack London, but ... there is much more here than a yarn of misadventure. ...a depth of spirituality in her writing that isn't heavy-handed or preachy." (Rick Olivo, Daily Press, Ashland, WI) "What an exciting story! It's full of lessons that come across well, not preachy. Your descriptions are well done; I started feeling sea sick just reading it." (Diana, student of Writer's Online Workshop)