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Sally Bair

    Sally Bair

      • Passionate about teaching Bible and memoir writing, sharing her faith, reading, walking, writing, learning new things, studying nature, traveling, and following Jesus.
      • Married 13 years and divorced, single 13 years, remarried 13 years and widowed, single 16 years and counting.
      • Graduated with honors from UW-Superior (Wis.) with an English major and Journalism minor.
      • Owner of a quilt shop, maker and purveyor of quilts, teacher of the craft of quilting.
      • Pursuer of healthful living through exercise and good eating habits, but admits she sometimes fails to reach her goals.

      Sally Bair’s Writing

      At 14, she wrote her first book, Wild Hero, a harrowing tale about a young girl and her dog in the Montana mountains. Her favorite book, Heidi, compelled her to write Wild Hero, penned on thick, fuzzy, unlined paper with thick-leaded pencil. Imagine her joy when she read her eighth-grade teacher’s encouraging words on her report card! At that moment, Sally knew she would be a writer.
      By fits and starts, she pursued her passion of penning words and phrases that would encourage her readers.
      Sally’s first home office was closet sized, hidden behind the basement stairway. Here, during her childrens’ school days, she wrote devotionals, stories and personal journals. Her numerous journals fill a box in her closet, awaiting exploration for future stories.

      • Editor of several newsletters — 1960s.
      • Journalist for the UW-Superior newspaper where she attended school — 1970s.
      • Public Relations director and Ad Copy Writer — 1978-1984.
      • Freelance writer of short stories and devotionals — 1980 and continuing.
      • Columnist since 2003, “Eternal Perspectives,” a weekly devotional for area newspapers and online reader

      RESCUED AT SEA! Sally’s son called her from Alaska on Dec. 8, 1996 at 6:30 AM Alaska time and said, “Hi, Mom. I’m okay, but we lost our (crab fishing) boat at sea.” The news went national and Sally’s writing life changed. She felt compelled to write his dramatic story and, after a couple visits to Alaska where he makes his permanent home, she continues to write about the wilds of the north. Check out My AHA Moment video.

      Sally’s other Passions

      • Speaking to groups about nature, adventure, writing, aging with zest, and faith. Check out her Speaking page.
      • Teaching Memoir Writing, Bible classes, basic writing skills, journaling, silent retreats — guiding others in their faith and in their writing endeavors
      • Networking with writers and followers of Jesus through Facebook and her Monthly Newsletter (coming soon!)

      My AHA! Moment

      How this came to be.

      A close friend who worked for Mutual of OmAHA told me their AHA Moment campaign bus would be traveling to Duluth to interview people who had experienced an AHA moment. She said I would be a good candidate. Next thing I knew, I was sitting in front of a camera in the bus telling the world about my son's experience of survival at sea. Voila! Here I am.