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Trouble At Fish Camp

Devin Gage 001TROUBLE AT FISH CAMP, Sally’s second novel in the “Ways of the Williwaw” series, features Freddy Schumaker, Jake’s nemesis-turned-friend. A bear, a bully, and a buried secret threaten Freddy’s future at salmon fishing camp on Kodiak Island.

The scar on 18-year-old Freddy’s lip is nothing compared to the one on his heart for something he did as a child. Guilt and fear pursue him faster than the grizzly that hangs around fish camp. Threatened by his bullying cousin, Pete, and haunted by the past, Freddy struggles to assuage his guilt by solving a tangled mess of problems that keep popping up–torn nets, vandalism, bad news, and near-drownings. Can he hold on much longer? Find out in this fast-paced adventure novel for readers of all ages.