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IN THE WORKS -- inspiring new memoir due in 2019


Sally Bair lives in northern Wisconsin near Lake Superior
... where God's beauty and peace are conducive to writing for Him.

Formerly a quilt maker, she exchanged the weavings of fabric pieces for words of encouragement, faith, and adventure.


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Run Sally Run: a memoir

"A Salvage Yard Romance," a humorous story in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone     


1st & 3rd Thursdays, 9:30-3  — “Yarnspinners” writing/editing group, Flat Creek Cafe, Hayward, WI


2019 blew in with a bang, closing the doors to all my past plans but opening them to new ideas and plots and plans. Anything new causes excitement in my soul, especially writing new words. So I've set new goals for this year.

I'm writing a new memoir, one which follows the first, Run Sally Run, about my childhood as an identical twin.

My working title is Dear God, What Have I Done?, and will include a host of happenings.

  • My first job and subsequent enrollment into a Bible school
  • Trips to lower Michigan and Montana to minister to people
  • First marriage followed by raising three children and two foster girls
  • Farming and country living with their joys and fears
  • Divorce and its subsequent, eight years of "wild living"
  • A new, miraculous beginning

Stay tuned! I'll be sharing excerpts from my new book.