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IN THE WORKS -- inspiring new memoir due in 2019


Sally Bair lives in northern Wisconsin near Lake Superior
... where God's beauty and peace are conducive to writing for Him.

Formerly a quilt maker, she exchanged the weavings of fabric pieces for words of encouragement, faith, and adventure.


Williwaw Winds (see excerpt here)

Trouble at Fish Camp (see excerpt here)

Runaways  (see excerpt here)


    Daily Devotionals Celebrating Summer  (see excerpt here)

Autumn's Splendor Daily Devotionals  (see excerpt here)

Winter's Rest Daily Devotionals  (see excerpt here)

Daily Devotionals Celebrating Spring  (see excerpt here)

Run Sally Run: a memoir

"A Salvage Yard Romance," a humorous story in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone     


1st & 3rd Thursdays, 9:30-3  — “Yarnspinners” writing/editing group, Flat Creek Cafe, Hayward, WI

Sat. April 6, 10-2 No.GreatLakesVisitorCenter - Craft Sale

Sat.April 13, 9-1 - Sanborn Methodist Church south of Ashland on Sanborn Ave. = Craft Sale

Sat. April 27, 10-2 & 1-3 - Teaching "Writing Your Life Stories" - Craft Sale also

         I'm lagging behind on writing my second memoir, originally hoping to finish by June of 2019, but it isn't going to happen.

So ... needing something new to market for this summer, fall, and early winter marketing events, I decided to write some mini-books. I'm calling them IttyBitty Books for Body, Soul, and Spirit.

The first IttyBitty Book is entitled "Help! What Should I Eat?" It features lots of tips about eating food that is healthful and tasty.

The second IttyBitty Book is a short, humorous story I wrote several years ago, called "High Tea." It features my daughter and her teenage daughter and me as we blunder our way through a "high tea" experience somewhere along the North Shore of Lake Superior. Guaranteed to bring a laugh.

More about my IttyBitty Books later.