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Sally Bair lives in northern Wisconsin near Lake Superior
... where God's beauty and peace are conducive to writing for Him.

Formerly a quilt maker, she exchanged the weavings of fabric pieces for words of encouragement, faith, and adventure.


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1st & 3rd Thursdays, 9:30-3  — “Yarnspinners” writing/editing group, Flat Creek Cafe, Hayward, WI

          Sequence of Winter White

Birch trees, accented on mist blue,

Weave in design, each new.

An ermine, tail tipped in black,

Bounds along where partridge track.

Clouds of strewn gauze ride high

In organdy-crisp January sky.

Soft snow-feathers fill the air,

Flutter, pair by pair,

Until, persisting, they fulfill

The need of day, quiet and still.

Great snowdrifts soon form childrens' forts,

And ghost-like structures of many sorts.

White things are, for a surety,

Reminders of God's purity.


This, my mom's poem, is included in my winter devotional book. Check it out on my "Books" page. Yes, it's been a wintry white season so far, bringing beauty and challenge and a time for reflection--but little writing on my book. Soon, though.

So, stay tuned for excerpts from my new book, Dear God, What Have I Done? but don't hold your breath. It will come in due time.