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IN THE WORKS -- inspiring new memoir due in 2019


Sally Bair lives in northern Wisconsin near Lake Superior
... where God's beauty and peace are conducive to writing for Him.

Formerly a quilt maker, she exchanged the weavings of fabric pieces for words of encouragement, faith, and adventure.


Williwaw Winds (see excerpt here)

Trouble at Fish Camp (see excerpt here)

Runaways  (see excerpt here)


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Daily Devotionals Celebrating Spring  (see excerpt here)

Run Sally Run: a memoir

"A Salvage Yard Romance," a humorous story in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone     


1st & 3rd Thursdays, 9:30-3  — “Yarnspinners” writing/editing group, Flat Creek Cafe, Hayward, WI


The craft fairs, farmers' markets, and speaking engagements are finished for the year. Winter allows me time to get back to my writing and plan new things for the following seasons.

December means time to formulate plans for my next book, another memoir. The first, Run Sally Run, has been a big success. it contains lots of short, humorous stories about my childhood as an identical twin. Sandy and I gave a talk about the book at her local library in Calumet, MI. It was fun in spite of typically wet weather in the Upper Peninsula. In fact, I left her house Oct. 2 during a snowfall.

My next memoir, hopefully available next June, will feature my life as a learner (Bible school & college), as a nurturer of three kids and two foster girls, and facts about a period of my life that I refer to as "my wild years." The book will end on a high note, my dramatic return to Christian faith.


Stay tuned!